Community cancer screening programme


Your camp is just a call away.
Leave the rest to us.
Only God can make this more simple.
Please do arrange the following for the camp.

1.Examination rooms-2 rooms with proper lighting,fan and plug point(power point for induction cooker) With screen/curtain to separate the examination procedure area from rest.
2.Water connection ie . tap water nearby.
3.Examination table -2 nos(2 long school class room desk tied together and covered by bed sheet.)
4.Extra desk/table for examination room
5.Writing table -2 with 4 chairs.
6.Gas stove with cylinder connection (we would be having an induction stove, this is in case of a power failure, as it usually happens)
7.Power point plug connection for induction stove (with sufficient extension cords)
8.Waste basket (large bakery cardboard boxes -2 nos
9.Plastic bucket -2 nos
10.Towel -2 nos
12.Extension cord-1
13.Emergency light-1
14.Mini generator back up with somebody who know how to operate it.

Note: 1.Camp starts at 10.30am(You can proceed with the inaugural function ahead of this.Please don't wait for the camp team for the inaugural ceremony )
2.Arrange a maximum of 100 persons and not more.
3.Out of 100 persons approximately make sure that 70 are ladies between age group 30 - 65 years old(ie.male to female ratio of approx. 30:70 to be maintained)
4.Please arrange 3-4 female volunteers to assist the camp staff. (if nurses or nursing students available please give preference to them)
5.Results would be provided in 3 weeks time.
Your total expense would be a maximum of 10000/12000 rupeess plus conveyance to and from Ernakulam. This includes everything and anything else would be our contribution towards your camp.

Note.:We don't do continous camps for 2 or more days.Presently we are doing only one day camps. If the camp destination is too far from Kochi (ie. more than 3 hours journey by road) then please contact us and check out what could be done.
Be a part of YES I CAN CARE campaign .
Book your camps in advance to avoid delay. We recommend you to contact us well in advance ie. at least giving a 2 to 3 months window period.

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The policy research team of the Cancer Care Society -Cancare has done enormous research with regard to organizing early cancer detection camps by taking into consideration the prevailing procedures  adopted by various governmental and non-governmental organisations. The procedure prescribed by cancare is so simple that only God can make it more simpler. You can arrange a community cancer screening programme in your locality by simply giving us a call.No visits, no meetings, no registration formalities. A honest and willing mind will do the job. Thanks.