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Watch Britannia Season 1 Episode 9 Online

Episode Name: Season 1, Episode 9
Air date: 3/15/2018
Summary: The end is near. Cait, defiant to the last, has been captured by Hella. But despite Aulus offering a sizable bounty and a pardon for her previous crimes against the Empire, she chooses not to turn Cait in to the Roman camp as agreed. Divis, left near death from his encounter with Raven, receives a last-gasp reprieve from the land, and sets off in search of Cait. Elsewhere, Phelan and Ania find themselves in uncomfortable lodgings at the Druids’ camp as they seek an audience with Phelan. Certain their part in the prophecy is important, Veran seems content to keep them waiting. At the citadel, with their food gone, the situation seems hopeless for Kerra and the Cantii – a fate further cemented by the arrival of a second Roman legion. As Rome truly shows the island of Britannia how it conducts its business, there is one more sacrifice that must be made. [+]more

Summary: When the Romans invade Britain in 43AD, Kerra, daughter of the King of the Cantii, is forced to put her differences aside with arch-rival Queen Antedia to face their invaders. The Romans, led by General Aulus Plautius, are determined to succeed where Julius Caesar failed and conquer this mythical land at the far edge of the Roman Empire. Aulus is a strong and resilient leader, but harbours a deep secret that threatens his mission. As tribes and Druids unite to fight the Romans, Kerra is thrust into the most important role of her life as she spearheads the resistance against the might of the Roman army.

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